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"When you have been raised to believe that what you feel, think, need, and want are unimportant, you develop into someone who hides the self, people-pleases, lacks boundaries, is often depressed, angry, anxious, and has few skills to change their lives."

"The cornerstone of maternal narcissism is lack of empathy and the inability to tune in to the emotional world of others, particularly the children. A narcissistic mother is more concerned with how you reflect on her rather than how you feel. You are in her good graces if you are doing what she thinks you should do, rather than develop your own sense of self."

Bessel van der Kolk shows that the terror and isolation at the core of traums. Traumatized people experience anxiety and numbing and intolerable rage, and affects their capacity to concentrate, to remember and to form trusting relationships. They believe that they are damaged beyond repair.

"Our aim is to help you reconnect to your inner wolf – that wild and fierce source of wisdom, clarity, and strength within you that will help guide your steps as you walk this perilous path. We are deeply drawn to exploring and exposing both the light and shadow side of human nature and spirituality."

Ross’s latest “Codependency Cure™” work, like The Human Magnet Syndrome, breaks new ground in the mental health fields. This groundbreaking work reformulates, redefines, and ultimately renames “codependency” to “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™."

Susan Forward, PhD

Susan is one of the nation's leading psychotherapists. Through her books, Susan's groundbreaking work has opened up exciting new worlds of confidence, inner strength and emotional independence for countless women and men.

"You’re either going to spend the little time you have in your life on trying to know yourself or trying to hide yourself. The choice is yours. You can’t do both."

"Hell, in my opinion, is never finding your true self and never living your own life or knowing who you are."

Studies suggest that nearly 30% of women have been estranged from their mothers at some point. It can be difficult to talk about the strain of mother and daughter relationships because they are so often glorified in our society as one of the most precious bonds.

Daughter Detox offers the daughters of unloving mothers guidance, healing, building genuine self-esteem,  tools to overcome the obstacles and strategies to become the best, most authentic version of herself.

"To this day, Emotional Neglect has been overlooked because it’s invisible, unmemorable, and the absence of something (emotional validation), 
My goal is to shine a light on this powerful but invisible force and offer an explanation to the scores of people who are suffering in silence, wondering what is wrong with them."

"Recovery involves reconnecting to, honoring, and expressing our “Self,” meaning your true, real self that likely has been hidden. You begin to align your behavior and life in integrity with your Self, strengthening your soul. Change requires awareness, courage, and action. You will gain insight and be supported to take productive risks as you’re ready to do so."


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